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Space OrigamiIn-Space Manufacturing-Early stageGrowing the first 3D DNA Origami Crystal in space. DNA-Origami is a new technique in nanoscience that makes it possible to build self-assembling structures with nanometer precisionSpace OrigamiThales AleniaIn-Space ManufacturingAdditive Manufacturing (3D printing)Demonstration doneEurope’s very first 3D printer in space.Thales AleniaSpace ZabIn-Space ManufacturingAdditive Manufacturing (3D printing),
Food for Space,
Medicine and DrugsIn developmentOur flagship technology is an award winning liquid/semi-liquid 3D printer for edible and non-edible materials in mid 2019 (with China Space Exploration), and 2020 (China Space Exploration).Space ZabBraskemIn-Space ManufacturingAdditive Manufacturing (3D printing),
Material RecyclingLaunchedThe Braskem Recycler will produce plastic feed stock that will be used in Made in Space’s additive manufacturing facility (AMF) aboard ISS.BraskemArdbergIn-Space ManufacturingFood for EarthLaunchedFounded in 1815 and based in Scotland, Ardbeg Distiller is the producer of one of the world’s most complex, single malt whiskies.Ardberg Space RoastersIn-Space ManufacturingFood for EarthDormantUsing re-entry heat to roast coffee beans on a suborbital flight.Space RoastersBudweiserIn-Space ManufacturingFood for Earth,
Food for SpaceIn developmentAnnounced its intention to be the first beer on Mars.BudweiserArgotecIn-Space ManufacturingFood for SpaceActivePublic-private partnership to bring the authentic Italian espresso into the International Space Station (ISS).ArgotecBake In SpaceIn-Space ManufacturingFood for SpaceIn developmentInitial goal is to conduct a series of technology demonstrations related to the production of fresh bread aboard the International Space Station (ISS).Bake In SpaceCemVita FactoryIn-Space ManufacturingFood for SpaceIn developmentCO2 Utilization platform mimics photosynthesis to produce nutrients and pharmaceutics for deep space exploration and industrial chemicals and polymers for energy sustainability.CemVita FactoryDoubleTree by HiltonIn-Space ManufacturingFood for SpaceLaunched,Demonstration doneAt DoubleTree by Hilton, we pride ourselves on hospitality that’s out-of-this-world. That’s why we’re embarking on a mission to make our signature, warm DoubleTree cookie the first food baked fresh in outer space.DoubleTree by HiltonZero G KitchenIn-Space ManufacturingFood for SpaceLaunched,Demonstration doneA Platform for Food Development in Space. Vision is to build a full kitchen suite in space.Zero G KitchenMagna Parva (Kleos Space (In-Space Manufacturing)In-Space ManufacturingLarge Space StructuresActiveDeveloping a patented in-space manufacturing system that will provide a method of producing huge carbon composite 3D structures in space.Magna Parva (Kleos Space (In-Space Manufacturing)Space Machines CompanyIn-Space ManufacturingLarge Space StructuresEarly stageSpace based manufacturing company that is building machines to produce the space infrastructure of the future.Space Machines CompanyTethers Unlimited (Firmamentum)In-Space ManufacturingLarge Space StructuresIn developmentDeveloping a suite of technologies called "SpiderFab" to enable on-orbit fabrication of large spacecraft components such as antennas, solar panels, trusses, and other multifunctional structures.Tethers Unlimited (Firmamentum)Space MachinesIn-Space ManufacturingLarge Space Structures,
Additive Manufacturing (3D printing),
Space Construction CompanyEarly stageSpace based manufacturing company that is building machines to produce the space infrastructure of the future.Space MachinesOrbital Assembly (Gateway Foundation)In-Space ManufacturingLarge Space Structures,
Space Construction CompanyEarly stageForm the first Turn-key Space Construction Company designed to build any structure in space quickly and with precision.Orbital Assembly (Gateway Foundation)Tethers UnlimitedIn-Space ManufacturingMaterial RecyclingLaunchedDemonstrate in-space recycling and manufacturing to support long-duration manned space missions.Tethers UnlimitedLeap BiosystemsIn-Space ManufacturingMedicine and Drugs,
BiotechEarly stageMission is to combine clinical medicine with innovation and disruptive technologies for human space exploration, while translating these back to provide cutting edge medical care here on Earth.Leap BiosystemsInternational Flavors and Fragrances (IFF)In-Space ManufacturingNovelty,
FragranceDemonstration doneIFF has commercialized the unique space rose note, which is now a fragrance ingredient in a perfume called Zen developed by Shiseido Cosmetics (America).International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF)Microgravity Research AssociatesIn-Space ManufacturingOrbital MicrofabricationDormantFormed in 1979 for the purpose of engaging in materials processing in space.Microgravity Research Associates3D Bioprinting Solutions (Invitro)In-Space ManufacturingOrganic TissueIn developmentFirst-ever experiment on 3D printing of live organic tissue and organ constructs using a bioprinter on board the International Space Station (ISS).3D Bioprinting Solutions (Invitro)LambdaVisionIn-Space ManufacturingOrganic TissueIn developmentAims to use the microgravity environment of the ISS to improve the manufacturing process for the company’s protein-based retinal implant that is capable of restoring vision in patients with retinal degeneration.LambdaVisionACME Advanced MaterialsIn-Space ManufacturingSilicon Carbide,
ZBLANDormantACME Advanced Materials is a US startup founded in 2014 to develop and produce unique materials in a microgravity environment.ACME Advanced MaterialsFlawless PhotonicsIn-Space ManufacturingZBLANIn developmentFlawless Photonics is a very small US startup founded in 2017 with registered trademark FlawlessFiber™.Flawless PhotonicsFOMS (Fiber Optic Manufacturing in Space)In-Space ManufacturingZBLANStarting soonFOMS (Fiber Optics Manufacturing in Space) is a very small US startup founded in 2015.FOMS (Fiber Optic Manufacturing in Space)G-SpaceIn-Space ManufacturingZBLANEarly stageG-Space is a next-generation industrial company focused on developing new materials for the digital age such as transmission, sensing, data storage, and energy-efficiency. G-Space is the US representative of Le Verre Fluore.G-SpacePhysical Optics Corporation (POC)In-Space ManufacturingZBLANIn developmentPhysical Optics Corporation received a NASA SBIR project in 2016 for the amount of $125 000 to develop the Orbital Fiber Optic Production Module (ORFOM) from TRL2 to TRL4.Physical Optics Corporation (POC)Made In SpaceIn-Space ManufacturingZBLAN,
Large Space Structures,
Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)Demonstration doneMade In Space is a space-based manufacturing company founded in 2010, which started by making 3D printers usable in microgravity.Made In SpaceSpace Cargo Unlimited (Space-CU, Space Biology Unlimited))In-Space Manufacturing,
ISS Utilization Service-Early stageDedicated to seizing the potential of microgravity research for commercial applications on Earth.Space Cargo Unlimited (Space-CU, Space Biology Unlimited))TechshotIn-Space Manufacturing,
Microgravity Research PayloadsOrganic Tissue,
Microfluidic Chips,
Organs on chips (OOC),
Orbital MicrofabricationIn developmentA 3D BioFabrication Facility (BFF) developed by nScrypt and Techshot and designed to 3D print thick tissue and organs using adult stem cells will launch to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard the next SpaceX cargo resupply mission.TechshotAlginityIn-Space Manufacturing,
Resources - OxygenFood for SpaceDormantAutonomous food and oxygen supply at a lunar base.AlginityAleph FarmsIn-Space Manufacturing,
Space Tourism SupportFood for SpaceDemonstration doneAleph Farms' aim is to produce non-genetically modified food, which means using natural processes to grow meat to mimic the way it would develop in a cow.Aleph FarmsOrbital FarmIn-Space Manufacturing,
Space Tourism SupportFood for SpaceEarly stageBuilding the world's most efficient commercial closed loop farm that can produce food anywhere on earth today and in space tomorrow.Orbital FarmSperospaceISRU (In Situ Resource Utilization)Moon,
MetalEarly stageWe are building the solution to In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) of lunar regolith to manufacture metal parts on the lunar surface.SperospaceOxEon EnergyISRU (In Situ Resource Utilization)Moon,
Water iceIn developmentIntegrate an electrolysis technology to process ice and separate the hydrogen and oxygen.OxEon EnergySkyreISRU (In Situ Resource Utilization)Moon,
Water iceIn developmentDevelop a system to make propellant from permanently frozen water located at the Moon’s poles.SkyrePlanetoid Mines CompanyISRU (In Situ Resource Utilization),
Resources - Asteroid MiningMoon,
Lunar Rover,
Raw Materials,
MiningEarly stageEngineering zero gravity excavation and extraction equipment to support asteroid and planetoid mining infrastructure.Planetoid Mines CompanyExponential Deep SpaceResources - Asteroid Mining,
ISRU (In Situ Resource Utilization)ProspectingDormantIn-Situ Resource Utilization for Exponential Growth of Deep Space Industries.Exponential Deep SpaceMaana ElectricResources - Energy,
Resources - Oxygen,
ISRU (In Situ Resource Utilization)UtilityIn developmentStrives to become the first utility company to service customers anywhere in the solar system, starting with energy and oxygen.Maana ElectricCrow IndustriesTransport Service (LEO-Moon),
ISRU (In Situ Resource Utilization)-Early stageDesigns, develops, and deploys technologies to explore the harshest environments known to humankind, both on and off Earth.Crow Industries